webkinz Wednesday update

webkinz pileHi my name is Avery this is my load of webkinz.Webkinz are a great toy to have because they pass the time and they are very light so they are easy to bring around.Here on webkinz wednesday update i will tell you the latest webkinz news.Now to get started my opinion is never buy the love puppy it is very expensive i found one for 600.00 $.Another thing you should know is that you can find great prices by comparing prices to other websites .when you get your webkinz it probably has a code what you will do with it is first go to webkinz.com first you press play now then you get you account  going. They will ask questions like your name and where you live.The next thing you should know is that to get a account is free unless you get a membership a membership for a year cost 100$and comes with prizes,for a month it is 6.00$ for three months it is 18$ and last for six months it is 38$ last thing you can make cute outfits for your webkinz thats it stay tuned come back next week for more hay that rhymes more for well thats it by by.